Structure pedagogical  resources with ontology

Tag: cognitive science, edtech

Jean Marc Meunier is a senior researcher at Paragraphe Laboratory. He belongs to the CRAC team which targets the cognitive principles underlying knowledge acquisition and manipulation. He specially studies the impact of knowledge structure on reasoning.

The study of statistics constitutes an important difficulty for the undergraduates students. The main causes are an inadequate categorization of the situation and / or a bad identification of the conditions of application of the procedures. By structuring pedagogical resources with an ontology, this project aims at tackling a triple challenge: (1) Having a referencing tool to reuse and enrich various teaching resources. (2) Facilitating the linking of conceptual and procedural knowledge when exploring the domain through ontology. (3) Mobilizing the community of teaching researchers to describe the field, share practices and evaluate and enrich resources. This will make it possible to envisage the development of an expert system or adaptive learning devices.

During the beyond lab, we worked on the third challenge to identify levers for the mobilization of teachers and experts in the field to enrich the ontology and the educational resources indexed by it. Three levers have been identified: 1) adopting a less technical discourse, 2) focusing communication on the benefits of ontology for the work of teachers and researchers, 3) gamifying contributions to valorise the participation of contributors. Finally, the workshop allowed to define a new communication strategy about the project.


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