Pedagogical game to develop critical thinking

Tag: cognitive science, edtech

Calliste Scheibling-Sève is a PhD student in cognitive science for education. She works at the Paragraphe Laboratory on the CRAC team, which targets the cognitive principles underlying knowledge acquisition and manipulation.

She proposed to develop a pedagogical game aiming at developing critical thinking. Critical thinking is this ability to sort and to distinguish the relevant clues of a situation and to elaborate the right criteria to assess the situation. That is why she studies the role of categorization as a lever for critical thinking for my Phd. The more one categorizes, the more one can switch from one category to another, especially to a more abstract one. For instance, when you want to grab a book on your last shelves, categorizing the chair as a seat is not useful, but doing it as a stool is more helpful.

During the BeyondLab event, we worked on the implementation of this pedagogical game based on categorization. We established that social interaction was essential to justify points of view on categorization. The game should be collaborative, and even do-it-yourself like! Finally we proposed a new and original version of domino game!


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