Multimodality on reading acquisition

Tag: cognitive science, edtech

Hélène Labat is a researcher at Paragraphe Laboratory. She belongs to the CRAC team, which targets the cognitive principles underlying knowledge acquisition and manipulation. She specially studies the impact of multimodality on reading acquisition.

Reading is a core component underpinning learning and self-sufficiency development. In order to contribute to academic success, one major social concern is to better understand the underlying mechanisms in reading acquisition and develop effective methods. In pedagogical and cognitive psychology areas, a multisensory approach of learning appears to be a positive way to promote reading and writing skills among young children. The use of graphic tablets improves in our environment and this interface is multimodal. Nevertheless, the effect of apps is not consistent and relatively weak (Ecalle et al., in press).

During the BeyondLab event, we worked on the features which could imply a significant effectiveness. Several approaches should be considered before the implementation of apps: the kind of multisensory learning, the integration in a largest pedagogical sequence, the design of apps (attractive but not too much!), differential learning between children and specific feedbacks, and last but not least the training of specific processes underlying the future achievement!


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