Improvement of the prosodic acquisition

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Nawal Abboub is a post-doctoral researcher at the Psychology and Perception Laboratory. She has studied early math skills in infant and early prosodic acquisition.

Her last work could explain why French are so bad to prononce correctly english words. One reason is that English and French do not belong to the same family language. In French there is not lexical accent (or stress) at all. However in English, German or even in Dutch, lexical accent is crucial to determine the meaning of a word, whereas in French it is not. That is why French do not care about the accentuation! How can we help French speaker to order a deSSERT in a coffee show in New York City instead of asking where is the DEsert?

The BeyondLab event allowed us to bring new insights of how to improve this ability to perceive and produce lexical stress. We created an acting workshop to improve our ability to discriminate lexical stress. Different level of discrimination complexity was implemented, starting at the sentence level to end at the word level.


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